A set of Water Mist Magic Beads Children's Handmade Making DIY Magic Beads Water Sticky Beads Puzzle toys

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Name: A set of Water Mist Magic Beads Children's Handmade Making DIY Magic Beads Water Sticky Beads Puzzle toys

Material: Environmentally Friendly Plastic

Style: 10 colors in random Beads, total 1000 beads

Applicable age: 3-12 years old


1. Safe and harmless

2. Environmentally friendly material

3. Variety of shapes and bright colors

4. Sticky once touching water


1、DIY own pattern

2、Spray evenly on clean water

3、Wait 20 minutes or so

4、Gently remove with a blade and allow it to fully adhere for 1 hour

Package includes: 

1000* Beads

1* Square template

3* Graphic template

1* Instruction manual

1* Tweezers

1* Watering can

3* DIY iron ring

2* Keychain