Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

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Diamond cut design, make the backpack more unique and novel, make you release extraordinary confidence. Tough and strong Water-resistant Large capacity Shockproof Core advantages: TSA Lock Water resistance USB Charging port Three-dimensional EVA material Zipper anti-theft bag Original EVA Anti-impact board Made the backpack strong against impact, better protect the contents of the backpack. Large capacity Backpack have two separate laptop compartment, with extra Protection Padded Cushion, fit 15.6 inch laptop and 12 inch iPad. Many Internal Compartment, convenient to carry necessities of life, Can accommodate several days of travel clothing. Backpack suitable for daily Office. Backpack can expand about 10cm,larger capacity, suitable for travel. Warm tips: The same material, same design, only capacity difference, please choose according to your needs. TSA Lock Fashion and simple High-quality customs code lock, make your backpack safer, travel without worrying about thieves. Warm tips: The keyhole in the combination lock is specially prepared for customs officers, so it is not equipped with key. More highlights. Trolley case fixing straps allow the backpack to be combined with the trolley case, free your hands, make your travel easier and more enjoyable. Shoulder strap zipper card bag, convenient payment and safer. Water resistance Dirt-resistant Backpack passed waterproof test, can effectively waterproof. Special backpack material, can easily wipe off dirt use a rag. Although the backpack has good waterproof performance, it is not recommended to be immersed in water for a long time, and protecting the backpack can extend its service life very well. Travel easily If you can solve it with a backpack, don’t use a trolley case. Make your travel more relaxed.