Inflatable Camping Mats

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Built-in Inflatable pump:You can inflate the mat by pressing it with your hands or feet

Product: inflatable cushionMaterial: 40D Nylon and High-Quality TPUSingle person Size: 230*70cm (before inflation), 195*61*6cm (after inflation), 10*10*25cm (after folding).Weight: 0.75kg (easy to carry)2 Person type size: 198*130*6cmweight:1.6kg.  [Dimensions vary slightly depending on the degree of inflatability of the air cushion.]The way of inflation: when it's inflated, cover the middle layer of the air valve, it will not leak. When it is inflated, cover the outermost air valve. When it bleeds, pull out all the valves. You can inflate with tools or with your mouth, and it only needs 30 seconds to be inflated fully.

Application: camping, travel, home.Features: it is very soft, and its weight is easy to carry. Its bearing capacity is very strong.Air Camping Mats Inflatable Cushion Moistureproof Outdoor Hiking Picnic Beach Plaid Blanket Beach Pad Home Rest Soft Mattress

As long as anyone with outdoor camping experience knows, the sleeping mattress is a necessary piece of equipment, no less important than a sleeping bag. Because the mattress can not only alleviate the discomfort caused by sleeping on uneven ground, more importantly, it can isolate the cold feeling of the earth's surface! Even in summer, the temperature of the earth's surface is still lower than that of the air. When we touch the earth's surface, conduction will bring the heat of our skin to the ground, resulting in the loss of energy and cold feeling of the skin. Therefore, we need a sleeping mat to help us do a good job of isolation, not because of the loss of energy and lead to loss of temperature!

The principle of sleeping mattress isolation is the same as that of using sleeping bags and warm clothes. It uses a layer of air that hardly flows to form an isolation layer to block the low temperature of the outside world. The effect of isolation varies depending on how much air layer and the fluidity of the air layer can be utilized by the material used.

Use of sleeping matsThere are four factors to consider when considering the use of the mattress: isolation, comfort, use volume, and durability. When choosing a mattress, decide which factor is the most important first, and then choose the right one according to your most important factor.

According to the use of the mattress, we can choose the suitable mattress through the following factors:

Weather factors: If the weather conditions are very stable, there will be no low temperature, comfort requirements should be more important than isolation. If you can not grasp the factors of climate change, the choice of high isolation mattress is a safer choice.

Rest comfort: Some people only want a cushion when sleeping. They don't care much about the comfort of the cushion. They will naturally choose a cheaper and lighter cushion. If they want a comfortable cushion, they will naturally spend more budget to buy a more expensive cushion! 

Weight: A comfortable mattress is usually thicker and heavier. If you want to take long walks or mountain hiking, the weight of the mattress must be an important factor to consider. If it's just a day or two of activity, who cares!

Volume: The size of the mattress is better not too large, especially when the backpack has little room to accommodate it; if you are driving, then when you don't see it!