Pee Funnel For Women Standing Piss Female Urinal For Travel

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Product features:

1. Patented product. All right reserved.
2. Reusable urinal funnel which is made of high quality silicone.
3. Easy cleaning. Just wash it with water.
4. By using Soft & Eco green material, this urinal funnel brings tender feeling and good skin protectoin.
5. Suitable for all ages of women
6. Designed not to flowback,splash or spill
7. Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement and color difference caused by light and screen.

Usage scenarios:

1. Dirty toilet or public toilet
2. Outdoor camping, travelling, party or hiking
3. Pregnant woman or someone who have difficulty to sit
4. Long queue to use the toilet or stuck in the middle of the road because of traffic jam
5. Emergency to pee