Plastic high precision Electronic digital display vernier caliper

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Name: Plastic high precision Electronic digital display Vernier caliper

Head material: ABS plastic

Ruler material: PA66 high strength plastic

Style: Range 0-100mm

Resolution: 0.1mm

Error value: 0.2mm

Battery: LR44/SR44 1.5V button battery

Applicable measurement: Outer diameter, inner diameter, inner hole, etc.


1.Large LCD display, clear data display, easy reading

2.With metric conversion, arbitrary zero function

3.Open the boot, automatically shut down

4.Carbon fiber material does not rust permanently, preventing scratching jewelry

Caliper calibration:

1.The initial reading may not be accurate and you need to gently close the jaws of the caliper

2.Press the ZERO green button on the caliper to zero the reading


1.Use lightly when using a caliper

2.Keep away from the environment with electronic interference, avoid reading errors

Replacement battery:

1.Find the button battery compartment

2.Push the battery compartment cover from left to right to open the battery compartment

3.Open the battery compartment cover, remove the old battery, replace the new battery

Package includes:

1* Caliper