Portable Travel UV Lamp 4 LED Sanitizer Storage Bag Box Better Protection USB Rechargeable


1.Use for What: In addition to underwear, it can be used for headphones/towels/toothbrushes/ beauty tools/bottles/toys/jewelry/keys. 99.99% was killed in 5 minutes.

2. 2pcs UVA and 2pcs UVC LED Beads : 10,000 hours service life, non-chemical, much safer than mercury lamp

3.Material: High-quality water resistant twill polyester (stronger than cloth),non-fraying stitching, and strong zippers, its middle spacer is easily detachable and washable.

4.For Travel Purpose: When going out, you can put it in your suitcase as a storage bag, so you can enjoy a safe and comfortable vacation.

5.USB 5V power supply, Can be powered by mobile phone charger, power bank, etc, safe and easy to carry.


Rated Input: 5V/2A

Number Of LED: 4 (2 UVC + 2UVA )

LED Wavelength: 270-280nm

Power Supply Interface: Micro USB

Disinfection Time: 3 Minutes

Product Size: 22x13x11.5cm