Sumifun Warts Remover

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Specifications:Product name: Wart Remover CreamSkin Type: All Skin TypesMain Item:100% Natural ExtractApplicable people: Genital warts, flat warts, herpes, acne, athlete's foot, eczema, insect bites, etc.Function:Relief discomfort – Ease the pain and discomfort associated with wart growth, Wart Cream reduces friction on the surface of the wart so that irritation caused by movements or contact is relieved.Fast-acting and effective– wart cream penetrates and works quickly from the inside of the wart, breaking down the structure of the wart from the inside out, giving you the result that you wantEasy treatment– The wart cream comes in convenient small bottles that are small and light to take with you and is easy to apply. The easy application means you can keep your treatment consistent and effectiveSafe for all ages – Our wart cream is safe even for children, who often get warts from their active lifestyle. With adult supervision, kids can use wart cream too!Directions:Use twice daily, morning and night. Apply a small amount (match head size) gently use your fingertip to massage the cream in for 1-2 minutes. While results may vary, most see results within a few days of starting treatment.How to use:Squeeze the liquid on a cotton swabPlace the swab on your skin tagRepeat this process up to four times a dayThe liquid may dry the tag until it falls offEffect:Effectively removes and heals common warts, plantar warts, flat warts, genital warts, and other viral infections on the skin.